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Things to know about shamanism in women

Prolapsed vaginal mucosa in women, also known as urethral prolapse, is a rare disease. The following article will share with you all the information you need to know about female infertility.

I. Urinary prolapse is what disease?

Prolapsed vaginal mucosa in women, also known as urethral prolapse, is a condition in which the lining of the urethral opening protrudes outside the vulva.

Prolapse is usually seen in girls between the ages of 6 and 9. The disease is divided into three levels: partial, total and consequential prolapse.

II. The cause of prolapse

The cause of urinary tract prolapse is not clear. It can be caused by a birth defect or an injury:

  • Congenital: abnormal urinary opening, weak muscle part of urethral wall, neuromuscular imbalance, some pelvic structures impaired, under the danger of different factors that cause sudden increase in pressure to the abdomen (long-term cough or long-term constipation) will protrude the urethral mucosa
  • Trauma: when the genital area is traumatized, it increases pressure on the abdomen, causing chronic constipation, or "little girl" foreign body, vaginal infection, ... Making the urethral mucosa area protruded

III. Recognizing signs of stomatitis in women

  • because it originates from the urinary opening, when examining, there will be urine leaking from the prolapsed mass
  • The first sign of the disease is bleeding in the prolapsed mucosa due to friction, so the disease is easily confused with trauma or abuse
  • Causes urinary changes such as difficulty urinating, burning, incontinence, or urinary retention

Because it is a rare disease, women often mistakenly assume with other diseases in the reproductive area. If the disease is not recognized and treated, the prolapsed mucosa is likely to become necrotic as well as cause later narrowing of the stoma, and obstruction of the prolapsed mucosa.

IV. Predicting female urethral prolapse

To diagnose and determine the prolapse of the female urethral mucosa, accompanied by problems Based on the above clinical symptoms, the specialist can use the subclinical solution of ultrasound to find the associated malformations.

In order to conclude the classification of stomatitis in women with a number of different diseases, treatment specialists are based on the following symptoms:

  • Bloody urine
  • Whether the vulva is traumatized or injured
  • There is a cyst next to the urinary opening
  • Ureteral cyst protruding from the vulva
  • There are vulvar polyps

V. Cure for schizophrenia

1. Regulations on treatment of schizophrenia

The disease needs to be treated promptly to handle the phenomenon of urethral mucosal prolapse causing bleeding. In the event that the patient is bleeding a lot, an emergency procedure will be indicated.

2. Pre-surgery treatment of prolapse

  • Do a complete blood count check along with a complete urinalysis, time of bleeding (TS), blood clotting (TC)
  • While waiting for the emergency procedure, the patient is asked to fast
  • For prevention before or during the procedure, the sick person is prescribed antibiotics

3. Minor surgical treatment of prolapse

  • Surgical standard is to cut the prolapsed urinary tract mucosa
  • This is a simple surgery that is performed in the supine position (obstetric position) as well as under anesthesia
  • Urinary catheterization for people with urethral prolapse
  • the surgeon uses a knife or an electric knife to cut the fascia around the urinary catheter
  • Patients are stopped bleeding by electrocautery or sutured with targets

4. Treatment of prolapse after minor surgery

  • Patients are prescribed 3rd generation Cephalosporin antibiotics as well as pain relievers
  • From 1 to 3 days after minor surgery, remove the patient's urinary catheter
  • Dressing change along with cleaning, serving the incision daily
  • The time of treatment is in the hospital from 1 to 3 days

Surgical approach is taken to treat with total prolapse or complicated urethral prolapse. Meanwhile, partial prolapse can be treated medically by rubbing estrogen pills, but this method has low effectiveness and takes a lot of time.

Prolapse of the female urethral mucosa is a rare disease because of congenital or trauma to the "little girl", the flute hole. When this abnormality occurs with some of the above-mentioned signs, the patient needs to see a doctor soon for timely treatment and high efficiency.

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