Knowing About Portable Oxygen Concentrators

If you check online for medical devices to have at home, it’s likely that you will find portable oxygen concentrators on almost every list. In the simplest terms, an oxygen concentrator is a special device, which ‘concentrates’ oxygen from ambient air to offer oxygen-enriched stream. Typically, an oxygen concentrator is suggested to patients who have breathing issues or low level of oxygen in the blood. The overall mechanism for using this device is quite simple – Just plug on the device as recommended. Most of the oxygen concentrators available in the market either run on electricity or battery, or both. Battery-operated devices like Inogen Oxygen must be charged as required, and you may also find adapters, so the oxygen concentrator can be used in the car, as well.

How does it work?

The usual composition of air is 80% nitrogen and 20% oxygen, with a mix of other gases. An oxygen concentrator gets the air, purifies the same and releases oxygenated gas. What you get from the device is around 90% oxygen with around 10% of nitrogen and other gases. Basically, nitrogen is separated from the air, so that the patient can get the best dose of oxygen. So, if we had to sum up the working of an oxygen concentrator, it could be done in five steps. Step 1- The oxygen concentrator takes air from the room. Step 2- It compresses the oxygen. Step 3- It takes out the nitrogen from ambient air. Step 4- The device adjusts as required to ensure delivery. Step 5 – Purified air is pushed from the machine.

What else to know?

Usually, most of the portable oxygen concentrators have a compressor along with a and sieve bed filter. The compressor can be considered as the prime component, as it compresses the ambient air, which is then sent to the concentrator. The compressed air then goes to the filters, which is an important step for removing nitrogen from air. Something known as Zeolite is found in the sieve bed and that works for separating nitrogen from the air. Without going into the complicated process in which oxygen concentrators work, you should know that there are also other components in the device, such as the cooling system, which prevents the device from warming up.

If your doctor has recommended a portable oxygen concentrator, you may want to check online for the options. Keep in mind that this is a life-saving tool/device, and therefore, you should try and find the best possible option for a given budget. Some brands are obviously better than others, so do take a look online to find the top-rated options. Check the prices and try to find more about a product through customer reviews and ratings. If required, compare the prices on a few sites, but make sure that the product is authentic and genuine. If you are buying oxygen concentrators for someone you love, do ask them about the https://betbubbles.gitbook.io/workspace/. For the best deals and offers, don’t miss the online sites that sell a wide range of health devices.

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