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Top 10 Cheap Gifts for a New Girlfriend


Whether it is for Christmas, her birthday, or an anniversary, the pressure is always on to find the right gift for your girlfriend. Sure, they always say “it’s the thought that counts,” but all girls really want a fantastic gift (mostly so they can brag to their friends about it). If you are looking for a gift for a new girlfriend, then the gift is really going to set the stage for the rest of your relationship – are you the thoughtful type who puts effort into your relationship, or do you just get her the first gift you can afford?


Don’t disappoint her! Here are the top 10 cheap gifts which are sure to please your new girlfriend.



1. Photo Album

If you are searching for a low-budget gift for your girlfriend, then a photo album is a great idea. You can find all sorts of photo albums online, ranging from super cheap ones which look like bulky binders and gorgeous designer albums with handmade paper and stitching. Even if your budget is limited, try to at least find an interesting photo album, like the Pioneer photo album with dots. It costs less than $15 but should still make a great impact.


For an extra dose of romance, print out some pictures of the two of you together and fill the first few pages of the photo album with these. Add a sweet note along the lines of, “Can’t wait to make more memories with you!”



2. Designer Gloves

Gloves are one of the ultimate accessories for women, but chances are your girlfriend just has a bland pair of regular gloves. Make sure her hands stay warm with an ultra stylish pair of gloves. Gloves from designer brand names can be very pricy, but you can find some nice even handmade gloves for affordable prices. If she is the sleek, elegant type of girl, then opt for an embossed pair. If she is more relaxed, then get a pair of hand-knit wool gloves. Message to include with the gift: “To keep your beautiful hands warm when I’m not there to hold them.”



3. Headphones plus a playlist to go with it

Headphones make a great gift because they are practical, fun, and she will think of you when she uses them (which means all the time). However, headphones aren’t exactly the most romantic or personal gift. To make the gift more special, make a playlist for your girlfriend of your favorite couple songs – like the song from your first dance or whatever other moments you have together. Make sure to include the playlist with the gift along with a sweet message like “I hope you think of me while listening to these songs, because I am always thinking of you!”



4. Beauty Items from a Woman’s Cooperative

Every woman enjoys a bit of self pampering with beauty items like body oils, creams, and bath salts. Opt for a brand of beauty items which are made by an African women’s collective. The gift will show that you are sensitive to the plight of women around the world and earn you serious brownie points with your girlfriend. The message? “For the most beautiful girl in the world”


5. Organic Panties

Panties are one of the best gifts for your girlfriend for any occasion. First off, a girl can never have too many panties! Panties are intimate, romantic, and playful. She will think of you each time she wears those panties, and you will get a thrill out of seeing her in them. By gifting her organic panties (yes, they make sexy organic panties!) instead of regular chemical-cotton panties, you show her that you care about her health and the environment too. In the gift message, write: “No matter what you wear, you always look fantastic to me.”


6. Phone Case

Looking for a gift for your girlfriend who is always on the phone? A phone case is a great practical gift, but is still personal enough to be suited for a new girlfriend. Take some time to look through the different styles available and get one which matches her personality. There are more options than you might realize, like vintage-inspired cases, handmade wood cases, engraved metal cases… Warning: If she already has a case for her phone, don’t get her another one. She might not like the design you pick out but feel compelled to use it anyway.  On the gift message, write: “Because I love talking with you and could never get enough.”


7. Silk or Satin Bedding

Silk or satin bedding is very romantic, but without being cliché like lingerie or perfume. The other big plus of bedding as a gift for your new girlfriend is that she will think of you each time she sleeps there, especially once you two make some memories on the bedding! Message to go with the gift: “Your soft skin deserves nothing but the softest touch against it.”


8. Bathrobe

A luxurious bathrobe will make your girlfriend feel like a queen when she wraps it around her body. Aside from being a practical item to have, a bathrobe is very intimate and you will probably get to enjoy seeing her in it when she puts it on after playtime in bed. When choosing bathrobes, remember not to go by appearance and design alone. The fabric really makes a difference to the quality and feel of the bathrobe. Look for materials like silk, cashmere, or Egyptian cotton. Include a message along the lines of, “I wish I could wrap my arms around you for always. But, for those times I can’t be there, hopefully this will keep you warm.”


9. Jewelry

When in doubt, jewelry makes the best gift for your girlfriend. The problem is that there are so many types and styles of jewelry to choose from. If you haven’t been in a relationship with your girlfriend very long, you are probably going to skip the expensive pieces too which signal commitment (no diamonds guys!). Look for handmade Fair Trade silver jewelry for something unique yet affordable.


Message to include with the gift: “I saw this and it reminded me of you: Beautiful, unique, and radiant.”


 10. Wine Glasses and a Bottle to Go With Them

If your girlfriend doesn’t have a good set of wine glasses, be the one who gifts it to her. Wine glasses can be a bit pricy but there are sets to suit just about any budget. Pack a bottle of wine with the gift so you can immediately begin using the gift during a romantic evening together. To really go the distance, make her a candlelit dinner too.


The message to include with the gift? “Because I am hoping for many romantic evenings with you, sipping wine and enjoying your presence.”


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