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Thursday – After work drinks

Wasn’t going to go out sarging today because I was just too tired from work but a coworker eventually managed to drag me out for a couple of drinks.

Approach 7: A HB comes up to the bar next to me and orders a cranberry vodka. I make fun of her drink saying that it is a shirley temple. She leaves to go back to her friends but touches my arm as she is leaving (IOI). About two minutes later she comes back up to order another drink. I bust on her saying that she was chugging her drinks just so she could come back to talk to me. She claimed the last drink was for her friend. I tease her for being a whino. She leaves again and touches my arm again (another IOI). By this time my coworker friend wants to hit another bar so we bounce.

Approach 8: We are sitting at the bar and there is an HB with her boyfriend sitting next to us. My friend starts talking to the boyfriend about some random stuff so I decide to open the HB while he is distracted. I ask to get her opinion about how a guy is supposed to get the door for a woman at a revolving door and tell her one of my DHV stories. She was responding back to me but I could tell by her body language that she didn’t want anything to do with me. Eventually, her boyfriend tells her they are leaving. Guess I scared him off:)

Friday – Rock Show

This was a fun night, however, I feel guilty for not approaching the many HBs that were present. I managed to get in 3 approaches but really given all the opportunities it should have been more.

Approach 9: We were standing next to a group of three HBs. I hesitated for the longest time until my friend actually physically pushed me into the set. I opened with something about the lead singer of the band being Rachel Ray’s husband (which was true) but it came out really bad. Luckily the girls were polite and receptive to what I was trying to say. It was clear I was going down in flames so I ejected.

Approach 10: Me and my wing, Stick, approached a group of women by the bar. He opened one HB while I opened another. I used the Rachel Ray comment again and they ate it up (pun intended). We ended up merging the two separate conversations into one big conversation about cooking and how Rachel Ray is “such a bitch”, haha. Eventually, the final band was coming on so we decided to get closer to the stage bringing one of these women with us (I think Stick ended up hooking up with her).

Approach 11: I was standing right in front of the stage rocking out when two HBs came over and stood next to me. I don’t know what it was but I had no fear on this one. I immediately opened the girl, can’t remember exactly what I said, something about the band being really good, bla bla bla. Next thing I know, we are dancing together, and kinoing each other. I kept trying to escalate the kino but her friend eventually dragged her away. Oh well.


I am still getting that fear in the pit of stomach every time I want to approach. This fear is what is holding me back from approaching massive amounts of women. Here’s the thing though, I don’t know why I’m afraid. Every approach so far hasn’t been bad at all. There hasn’t been any massive rejections or hard blows to my self esteem. In fact, once I do manage to open I seem to get comfortable having a conversation pretty quickly. I’ll have to figure this out and fight the fear. In the mean time, I’m off to the mall to do some day approaches.

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